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After spending over 25 years experience in shipping industry, I would like to Share my own experience with you, when we are trying to make and find new agents worldwide spend heavy time and in return we get lot of replies and assurance from everybody and if we consign any shipment your Funds are not Secure and after six month you will realize that you are the only one to give the shipment to them and in return we will not get a single shipment.

Then I realize that it's better to waste time on finding agents and waiting for them to send the cargo it's better to spend few backs and get membership of the network but the situation almost same as networks don't care about the number of members per county they just appoint members then I realize that I have find the network which will give Exclusive membership and in short when I start searching such network I was failed and then 4 years ago in 2010 I made a network by myself with the help of my so-called friends , the term So- Called I use because I noticed that these friends only have interest in the membership fee where as my Aim is to Build a family which care for each other & with this relation we will increase each other's business and during this period I get some bad persons and as well as good persons and I get RID of bad persons and keep my trust on GOD and keep trying and Today by the grace of GOD I have 60 members in my Family which represents 55 Countries and still stick to the MOTTO

"1 Member in 1 Country"

And with the help of my team and My family our group increasing day by day.

We r the only network/ consortium / Group which care for the increase of business within the group and for that we have our own commercial department who works round the clock to get the big contracts and shipments for our members.


In today's world, competition is more than ever, time is not moving -it is flying-, communication is fast and it is easy to reach information as well. Regional developments in any country directly affects global market and what we need is flexibility at this stage so what can bring this flexibility, surely right and strong partners who are ready to support one another, not just with their reliability also with their special care to their partners.

As "FFN Group", our aim is to create elite atmospheres for world commerce individuals, freight forwarding agents and logistics companies to assist them to increase their potential. As kindly expressed each FFN Group has its own philosophy to reach success and strategies decided with participation of our agents. We are 1st friend and then business partner, take your place for this journey of excellence !

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