MD Message

According to my experience, when we are trying to make and find new agents worldwide we spend heavy time and in return we get lot of replies and assurance from everybody and if we consign any shipment your Funds are not Secure and after 6 months you realize that you are the only one to give the shipment to them and in return you don’t get a single shipment,

In 2010 After spending 22 Years in Shipping industry, I realized that rather than wasting time on finding agents and waiting for them to send the cargo it’s better to spend few bucks and get Membership of the network but the situation remained almost same as Networks don’t just care about the benefits of members but the Number of Members per country they appoint. Then I realized that I must find a network which will give Exclusive Membership and when I started searching such network I failed and then 10 years ago in 2010 I created a network myself with the help of my So-Called friends ,I used the term So- Called because I noticed that these friends only had interest in the membership fee where as My Aim is to Build a Family which care for each other & with this relation we will increase each other’s business and during this period I got along some bad people as well as good people and I got RID of Bad People and kept my trust in GOD and kept trying and by the grace of GOD Today My Network Covers 7 Continents & 5 Oceans & I have 96 Members in 103 Countries

We Still Follow OUR MOTO

1 Member in 1 Country"

In order to develop & become the best International Network will only accept New Members by recommendations from already existing Members. The Approval of any new Membership applications will be judged (scrutinized) by the Advisory committee in order to guarantee & allow only “The Crème de la Crème” to Members with us.

We locate trustworthy agents & ensure quality services in almost any market Around the world, Multi-Modal transportation is available through the associated Companies working together offering a global network in the form of only accepts 1 Member in 1 Country with an exception of China and India where 2 Members will be allowed in lieu of the Country size.

Our greatest desire is to meet our customers face to face, to understand their business structure, plan all routes & provide tailor-made solutions. We make sure that our customers are satisfied and know that their cargo are is in the hands of professional & trustworthy people & that they will receive services of the highest standard, offering peace of mind to delivering their cargo to final destination, stands astutely for quality and reliability….